UAE, Methods Engineer – Designer

Project Category:

UAE, Methods Engineer – Designer

Job Details:

• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in performing design calculations and verifying design drawings for formwork, scaffolding, and light steel temporary structures for Bridges, Buildings, Marine, and infrastructure projects.
1. Design Calculations:
o Perform detailed design calculations for formwork, scaffolding, and light steel structures.
o Ensure compliance with safety standards, load-bearing capacities, and structural integrity.
o Collaborate with project teams to develop efficient and cost-effective solutions.
2. Design Verification:
o Verify design drawings and specifications for accuracy and feasibility.
o Review and approve structural designs, ensuring alignment with project requirements.
o Address any discrepancies or issues promptly.
3. Temporary Structures:
o Design temporary structures for bridges, buildings, marine facilities, and infrastructure projects.
o Consider factors such as site conditions, material availability, and construction methods.
o Optimize designs for ease of assembly, disassembly, and transportation.
4. Collaboration:
o Work closely with architects, civil engineers, and construction teams.
o Provide technical support during construction phases.
o Participate in design review meetings.

Job Requirements:

1. Education:
o Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, or a related field.
2. Experience:
o Minimum of five years of relevant experience in designing temporary structures.
o Proficiency in structural analysis software (e.g., SAP2000, ETABS, STAAD.Pro).
o Familiarity with relevant codes and standards (e.g., ACI, AISC, Eurocodes).
3. Skills:
o Strong analytical skills for design calculations.
o Attention to detail and accuracy.
o Excellent communication skills for remote collaboration.

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