UAE, QA QC Engineer

Project Category:

UAE, QA QC Engineer

Job Details:

• Quality Assurance: Focuses on defect prevention and process-oriented tasks. It involves developing and implementing quality assurance plans, testing products and services, and ensuring they meet the required standards1.
• Quality Control: Product-oriented and involves identifying defects in the final products. QA/QC Engineers work to ensure that the products and services provided by a company meet consumer expectations1.
• Documentation: They are responsible for preparing method statements, work procedures, checklists, and inspection & test plans to assure clients of the quality of the work1.
• Inspection: QA/QC Engineers submit inspection requests and ensure that the construction work is completed according to plans, specifications, and within the defined resources and safety conditions2.

Job Requirements:

o Minimum of ten (10) years of quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC) management experience.
o Certification or registration as a quality assurance auditor/assessor or equivalent.
o Experience in writing and implementing QA Management Systems for engineering programs.
o Ability to manage staff for QA implementation and ensure compliance with extensive QA/QC processes.

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